About Madrid Theatre

Madrid Theatre

The Madrid Theatre is a beautifully renovated, multi-purpose theatre that has been home to hundreds of weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, and concerts since its opening in 1926.


Rich in history since its inception, the Madrid Theatre has been the home base to several different businesses. What started out as a Spanish revival-style silent movie house boomed until the 30’s when billionaire tycoon, Howard Hughes, bought it up and ran it as a full movie house for the next decade.


In 1944, the theatre closed and sat idle until the 50’s, when it was purchased, gutted, and resuscitated as a storage warehouse.


It wasn’t until 1983 when Victor Patti had the vision of restoring this architectural artwork to its original grandeur and purchased it with that intention.  Although investor funds weren’t raised until 1995, and it took five years to negotiate and jump through logistical hoops, by the beginning of 2000, the hard work was well underway.  At long last, in 2001, 75 years after its grand opening, the Madrid Theatre reopened its doors to the public.


The Madrid Theatre has been proudly hosting weddings, galas, concerts, fundraisers, and corporate events ever since. In fact, it’s their pleasure to add a little touch of history to your special evening.


Centrally located between the Plaza, Westport, and Crown Center, the theatre is in the heart of Kansas City. And with a close parking lot, street, and valet parking for some events, you’ll never have to worry about finding a parking spot.

Historical Madrid Theatre Photo
1920s Photo of the Theatre
Old Photo of Madrid Theatre



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